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Dear Brick City,

Where the F*ck did we go wrong?!?  As a resident of this town , I have to ask the question. If you ask a lot of the residents ’round here, they may say its  the mayor I say,…. “Try again.” The next thing that they may say is, “It’s the crime.” I still say, “Take another guess.”  You may say, “The city doesn’t have any money.”  I then respond with, “Look at all of the changes you see going to certain parts of the city.” There’s  definitely money. Now where and how it gets spent is a whole ‘notha story. I grew up in East Orange New Jersey. which really is a small town. You can go from one end to the other in 10 mins. In fact, you can go from one part of   Newark, pass through East Orange and end up back in Newark again! I say this to say, for two places being so close together, they seem like they’re worlds apart. I moved to Newark in 2005.  The first thing that drew me was the promise of low taxes. That was cool at first, but then the city had a tax assessment. First promise broken.  Then I took it upon myself to try to organize my block, set up meetings with the city council, get in touch with the wards police captain, so on and so forth. What I’ve noticed is that I seem to be the only one doing something around here. Whether its calling the city about the disturbances of the local bars, or even putting my trash can back when garbage is not picked up. And speaking of garbage, how is it that garbage is not consecutively picked up on garbage day? When it is picked up, you have employees that would rather talk on their phones instead of pick up your garbage. Or use your backyard as their own personal Port-a-potty. I also noticed that when I attempt to do business down at city hall I am redirected to floor after floor, with the responses of  “We don’t do that here. Go to room blah- blah -blah.” After an hour of the run around I return to the first place that I went, only to have my original request finally obliged by a very annoyed employee, who was just about to finally win at ANGRY BIRDS!  Sorry, I interrupted you at WORK!! I live in an area where there are not one, but two bars. The thing is, none of the residents go to the bars. The neighborhood people hate these places.  Then I ask myself, “Why are they still here?”  Their customers have no respect for the surrounding area, so why do they operate with impunity? (even as I type this, there are shots being fired outside) Why is that a lot of people are screaming change, change, change, and nobody’s doing anything. To answer my original question….. I think the city has an attitude problem.

I think too many people have an “Oh well” attitude. Too many people have the attitude of, “It didn’t happen in my house” so it’s o.k.”  Too many people have the attitude that if nobody is dead or bleeding right in front of them, that there’s not a problem. So who do I take my gripe to ?

My Councilman I think not. Ive already tried.

Maybe the governor Yeah right!!!

Maybe I can go straight to Mark Zuckerberg and ask him for some money to help me fix some of the other pressing issues …(sounds silly when I say it, too!)

I think the attitude of this city has to change. And it starts with our attitude first. There are marches on city hall happening. My question is what is this doing for the crime in your neighborhood?  It’s not city hall’s fault that your son is a murderer. It’s not city halls fault that our streets have so much litter. I live 5 blocks from South Orange where there is an invisible litter border. Whats the difference in these two towns?  Its not money, it’s attitude…

What do you think?

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