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Stress Boogie “PURPLE”

The Randy Watson Ep


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OK, so I was looking at the paper today. I also was listening to the rumor mill aka the negro news. There are so many crimes  in this city. It almost becomes a way of life to either do crime, be associated with crime or have to adopt a criminal’s mind state to be able to deflect and get by. I live on a street where, within four short blocks, there are 4 churches. Also within four square blocks, there are 8 churches. As the territory expands, these numbers get bigger and bigger. But as the territory expands, so does the crime rate. It got me to thinking. There are over 400 churches accounted for in the city of  Newark and several hundred store front churches un-accounted for, and hundreds more Masjids..  So, for  all of the churches, religious fanatics,   and any others,… I propose this……


If you open up a church in a neighborhood and don’t help the neighborhood, you should be extorted!! The true power in getting people to see the light is to let your light SHINE.    Not to keep your light in your little 12x 24, 7 member, store front



Otherwise, whats the purpose of you being there because right now these words never meant more to me……….

No Church In The Wild feat. Frank Ocean
Human being to the mob / What’s a mob to a king? / What’s a king to a god? / What’s a god to a non-believer / Who don’t believe in anything? / Will he make it out alive? / Alright alright / No church in the wild……….


Who used it better? JAYZ AND Kanye or Stressboogie and Doxdiggla

Over 30 (The beginning of the rest of your life)

I received an email today that I thought that I would share with the rest of you. I know a lot of you are chained to your desk slaving away at the salt mine job of yours.  Spending countless days, hours, minutes, and seconds at the “Cubicle Farm”, all the while wishing you could be doing the job that you WANT to do.

For some of us over 30 yrs of age, it may seem like the window of opportunity has come and gone. Well I would like to challenge that notion. For a lot of great people, their life didn’t start until they reached that “ripe old age”.  In the copy of this email, I hope you find what I did. Inspiration, kindling for the creative fire that burns in your heart and soul,  and most of all, a target for your inner strength and faith. Here’s the email:

Hey Family,

As you know, I am a singer/songwriter/dancer/artist/lover of life who, with all of my God given talents, has struggled tremendously with the battle between financial stability vs. having faith enough in my talents to use them as a means of making money.  This struggle has left me teetering between the two worlds of working as a paralegal and living as an artist for years.

The times as an artist have been exhilarating, yet I’ve always reverted back to a more certain, dare I say “stable” existence as a paralegal.  “What the heck does this have to do with me?” you ask.  Nothing, but also, everything.

Today a feeling, that has stopped by on occasion, has come over me so greatly that I had to share!  It’s the feeling that I WILL be successful at whatever I do, that where I am is okay, and that the phrase “it’s never too late” is not just colloquial rhetoric, but a truism that needs to be sounded deep in my soul so that it can resonate throughout my body!  Today, I realized that whatever road I take to get to where I’ve got to go is okay, so long as my true passion doesn’t get pissed out at every stop.  Today, I realized that I can be a paralegal, a property manager, a bookkeeper, a supervisor, a student, “in-between” jobs, or just flat out unemployed, but that none of those things define me…or you.

I am a singer/songwriter, lover of life and an artist.  God has sent me here to speak to peoples’ souls with my voice and He/She has sent you here to do something too.  Whether your talent is journalism, philanthropy, singing, organizing; whether you aspire to be a doctor, an artist or a chicken feather plucker; you are amazingly talented and the world needs to know!  I love you because you are me and I am you – our talents may be different but none less important than the other.  As you journey on the road of life remember, there will be some twists and turns, ups and downs, but it can be extremely fun as long as you have a song in your heart to keep you company.  Don’t forget the lyrics!

Examples of folks who let the world hear their song after 30    ITS NEVER TOO LATE!!

Nyema T. White
I found that to be an inspiring email. I hope it does the same for you.
Remember, You’re never too old
And for my musical fam. Here’s more inspiration from Mr Bill Withers, A famous, accomplished,  singer/songwriter who didn’t even start doing music until he was 32.  Wow! Stay inspired…..