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Days After… 2

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So, last yr  I’d written a piece,days after the  George Zimmerman verdict.   Since then, more black males have been killed by authority. Some on camera in plain view of witnesses. And there have been no criminal charges brought against those officers involved. So within a little under two weeks time, two Grand Jury verdicts have shown officers to be in the right and just in their actions…….. Ri…iiight….

An 18 year old young man is dead____________________________.      What can really be said here? I’ve had the argument with folks of all kinds who the the position of saying, ” He just stole from the store and was a suspect.”  The proof of the matter though is that the officer on the scene did not know if he was a suspect. He just wanted him to get out of the street. Now before all of those folks who have pulled themselves up by their boot straps get to commenting,( and I welcome any comments) lets think back to your teenage years. When I was young, I did some things that I knew were wrong. (And I’m only making this as a counterpoint because the shooting of an unarmed boy is wrong….Period….) I took some chances , some really dumb chances and you know what,…. sometimes I got in trouble and sometimes I didn’t. But each time I made it home. As a teenager, I was allowed to figure out the world , make some mistakes, and grow up.. This young man never got a chance to grow up. I say this because looking back, At the age of 18, I wasn’t the same person that I was even at the age of 21. I was different  at 25. Furthermore at 30..and at 38, I don’t even recognize some parts of my old self. Can you imagine if your life stopped at 18 and people tried to remember you as the kid that stole Reese Cups from Bachman’s.? Growth is part of life just as death is. Whats tragic is when death comes before the growth. Whats even more tragic is when people act like its OK.        IT’S NOT OK….

A 43 Year old man is dead. A 43 yr old husband , father and grandfather is dead____________________________

He was black….. Do you care that he was choked to death? He was also unarmed.  But Stress,…He was suspected of selling illegal loose cigarettes.”   I say so what….. Bank of America, Countrywide and countless other banks and mortgage companies sold people illegal mortgages and caused a fall in the whole economy. They didn’t get choked out,….they got bailed out……   “But, Stress, he was resisting…”  I say, when you feel like you’re being wrongly targeted , are you just gonna say ok arrest me?…..take me in,…. I did it… If you say yes to this,… may I remind you of a small little case involving five young minorities in Central Park in the eighties. …”But Stress, nobody gets all worked up about Black-on-Black crime. We kill each other all the time.  If we respected ourselves, others would respect us”….     Let me say this… The term Black on black crime is stupid. It gives a false look of what it really is…..JUST CRIME.. Crime is crime, white black or what ever.  Also, people try to do things all the time about crime in the area. I know I do. And if you think that being respectful(though I think you should be) and meek will stop people from hating you and killing you, then you do not live on Earth. You, my friend live in a Nick Jr cartoon. Last time I went through our history in this country, it didn’t matter. Whats tragic is when someone can be murdered in plain view of the world. Whats even more tragic is when people act like its OK.      .ITS NOT OK…


It’s days after….and again …ITS NOT OK…

The Randy Watson Ep


THE RANDY WATSON EP featuring the smash “GLOW” Glo 2




One Black Man’s Guide to Scandal Thursday’s

Stress Boogie gives you key instructions on how to enjoy Thursday nights with your lady

Days After….


So, it’s days after the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. And, in case you’ve been under a rock, it was a Not Guilty verdict. I was watching this trial and story very closely. Its almost like when something like this happens, I’m always reminded that that couldve been me. Some people would debate me on this since they know me for being a pretty cool headed, down to earth respectable and respectful guy. They say ”  ..You’re a husband, a musician, a performer, a family man…” They say this to say that somehow this is what would protect me from the ills of society. See, I’m no dummy. I know that there are people out there that don’t like me. Some of those reasons stem from my skin color. White friends of mine say that my skin color has nothing to do with anything. Yet, even in our friendly conversation, they only seek my opinion on entertainment, sports and pop culture. Never on economics, finance, or family values. It was  always something that I couldn’t ignore. I often wondered if they thought that Black people just don’t know about any of these things. I would slowly start to inject myself in the conversations dealing with stock portfolios only to get a shocked reaction like, “Wow, I didn’t know you knew about that.” I’d respond with “There’s  a lot you don’t know about me.”  Even, my friends have no idea who I really am, so how could a stranger.

When I was 17, I had a friend who moved to Bloomfield,NJ. Like most kids at that time, we walked everywhere. One day, my friend and I were walking from my home in East Orange to theirs in Bloomfield. We may have been 3 blocks into the Bloomfield border when we were stopped by police. The officer asked us where we were going. We then explained that we were going to my friends house who lived not to far from where we were. The officer’s response was “You don’t live around here.” Soon after, 2 more squad cars arrived with one officer stating that they got a call that 2 guys(black) were walking down the street looking in driveways. Eventually, they let us go but I’ll never forget being questioned about my right to walk down a public street with no problem. Another time I was walking home from the park and I was approached by a white officer who told me I looked suspicious and proceeded to put his gun in my face. I was asked where I was coming from. I told him I was coming from the park…. He said I was lying………. I had a basketball in my hand………

I was a good student, came from a good home, didn’t get into trouble, was respectful and respectable and  in that moment staring at a gun, none of that mattered.

The sad case of Trayvon Martin and the verdict in the Zimmerman trial is a microcosm of the whole  country. Oh, and thank you Juror B37 for showing this ignorance and social and racial disconnect in your interview. Thanks for feeling bad for the guy who got off scott free and even endorsing him as a Neighborhood Watch Captain. I guess its ok to just kill black people if you don’t think they should be in your neighborhood. Thank you also for not understanding Rachel Jeantel’s testimony or language and feeling so sorry for the downtrodden little uneducated black girl.

I WAS, AS A CHILD, AND STILL AM AS AN ADULT, TRAYVON MARTIN … and once again, my right to exist in society without question is gone.









Stress Boogie & Dox Diggla RED CARPET[HD]

2nd release off of the album Stress Boogie and Dox Diggla PS3. Directed by Nimi Hendrix. Available on itunes and other digital outlets. Download the song here…

Stressboogie and DoxDiggla PS3 fan review ……


Despite my delusions of hip hop grandeur, I’m no expert. I can ID Chubb Rock’s voice in a rapper line up, and still have Self Destruction on vinyl, but I have little to contribute to the Biggie-Jay Z-or-Nas debate and I’m just now  listening to Kendrick Lamar (late pass). But I do know what I like. And I like PS3, the latest project from Stress Boogie and Dox Diggla.

Like many, I’m a sucker for a dope beat. But not at the expense of dope lyrics. Lucikly, PS3 has both. The flow of the 13 songs reminds me of a tape, pitting amped joints of the unofficial “side A” against the easy, smoother joints of “side B.”  PS3 is not for the lazy listener who just wants to rest in good music. You have to, or more accurately, you’ll WANT to really listen to the lyrics. I found myself clicking “rewind” on most tracks so I’d really hear what lyricists Stress and Dox were saying.


My faves:


“Red Carpet” – perfect for a party playlist, speeding down the highway, or for blasting during that all-important time when your girls come over for drinks and last minute outfit checks before you all go out.


“B-Boy– Stress’ and Dox’s flow – sick. For real. SICK. Like, battle rap sick. The music might even be more SICK. The break bangs with what I think are congas that kind of create a bonus track within the song. Next time I play this, I’m rocking shell-toes and a dashiki! 


Stay in Your Lane” might be my fave of the whole project. Hard beats, bragging lyrics. And it’s Dox’s shine song for sure. His flow is reminiscent of hip hop before songs needed hooks And to me, that’s a great thing. 


Dox is more than just a sh*t talker/B*tch n*gga side swiper/Wig sparker in a thick parka/Mr. Mindwiper..


Another song I don’t need to listen to in my car cause Jersey auto insurance is already too high.


Other songs of note:


“Away” – I think I played this song three times before I could keep up. Don’t know why. Its theme – wishing things were different – isn’t new. (Most day, yo I swear I wish I had Dorothy’s heels to click – Dox). The flow is slow and deliberate, so following the lyrics was easy. But it’s the first song on the “B side” so maybe I was just slow to make the transition from party mode.


“Book of Lifeis on some haunted house, hymn-type ish. Kinda eerie, and definitely reflective. Makes me think even when I don’t want to:

   The more that I win it seems the more that I’m defeated/ The more work I put in the more money’s depleted/The more that I give away, the more that is needed….

        My eyes open to the BS/We just lost focus/which is easy when the work is using pepper spray. – Stress


“Off with Your Sneakers” – the project’s first release, is a grimy anthem with a video to match.


But my fave lyrics are from Stress in “Toast,” the requisite hip hop victory/thank you/F-you song:


All those hating, pulling on ya, never lift ya/ mad cause they the loser, worse cause you’re the victor/pour them a glass too while they looking at ya/Let all that negativity just *ching* off the snifter.


I’m pretty sure I don’t have haters, but that last line makes me want some just so I can *ching* too. Where’s my snifter?

by Katura Hudson



The Making Of BBOY

The Making Of BBOY

StressBoogie and DoxDiggla making one of the songs from the album PS3


Stressboogie and Doxdiggla OFF WITH YOUR SNEAKERS

Brand New video off the upcoming joint project PS3

This is the first visual. the street single OFF WITH YOUR SNEAKERS