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Stressboogie and DoxDiggla PS3 fan review ……


Despite my delusions of hip hop grandeur, I’m no expert. I can ID Chubb Rock’s voice in a rapper line up, and still have Self Destruction on vinyl, but I have little to contribute to the Biggie-Jay Z-or-Nas debate and I’m just now  listening to Kendrick Lamar (late pass). But I do know what I like. And I like PS3, the latest project from Stress Boogie and Dox Diggla.

Like many, I’m a sucker for a dope beat. But not at the expense of dope lyrics. Lucikly, PS3 has both. The flow of the 13 songs reminds me of a tape, pitting amped joints of the unofficial “side A” against the easy, smoother joints of “side B.”  PS3 is not for the lazy listener who just wants to rest in good music. You have to, or more accurately, you’ll WANT to really listen to the lyrics. I found myself clicking “rewind” on most tracks so I’d really hear what lyricists Stress and Dox were saying.


My faves:


“Red Carpet” – perfect for a party playlist, speeding down the highway, or for blasting during that all-important time when your girls come over for drinks and last minute outfit checks before you all go out.


“B-Boy– Stress’ and Dox’s flow – sick. For real. SICK. Like, battle rap sick. The music might even be more SICK. The break bangs with what I think are congas that kind of create a bonus track within the song. Next time I play this, I’m rocking shell-toes and a dashiki! 


Stay in Your Lane” might be my fave of the whole project. Hard beats, bragging lyrics. And it’s Dox’s shine song for sure. His flow is reminiscent of hip hop before songs needed hooks And to me, that’s a great thing. 


Dox is more than just a sh*t talker/B*tch n*gga side swiper/Wig sparker in a thick parka/Mr. Mindwiper..


Another song I don’t need to listen to in my car cause Jersey auto insurance is already too high.


Other songs of note:


“Away” – I think I played this song three times before I could keep up. Don’t know why. Its theme – wishing things were different – isn’t new. (Most day, yo I swear I wish I had Dorothy’s heels to click – Dox). The flow is slow and deliberate, so following the lyrics was easy. But it’s the first song on the “B side” so maybe I was just slow to make the transition from party mode.


“Book of Lifeis on some haunted house, hymn-type ish. Kinda eerie, and definitely reflective. Makes me think even when I don’t want to:

   The more that I win it seems the more that I’m defeated/ The more work I put in the more money’s depleted/The more that I give away, the more that is needed….

        My eyes open to the BS/We just lost focus/which is easy when the work is using pepper spray. – Stress


“Off with Your Sneakers” – the project’s first release, is a grimy anthem with a video to match.


But my fave lyrics are from Stress in “Toast,” the requisite hip hop victory/thank you/F-you song:


All those hating, pulling on ya, never lift ya/ mad cause they the loser, worse cause you’re the victor/pour them a glass too while they looking at ya/Let all that negativity just *ching* off the snifter.


I’m pretty sure I don’t have haters, but that last line makes me want some just so I can *ching* too. Where’s my snifter?

by Katura Hudson


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